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The More Experiential

Exceptional Outcomes

The More Experiential is an intensive development programme of the person in a leadership role. It can either be delivered as an individual or individual in a group experience. It combines conversations, coaching and facilitation to explore common critical areas taht affect someone's effectiveness in a way that captures the nuances and specificity of difference that makes what might be a common issue, personal. In truly understanding how something exists in someone's world, transformation is made more possible. The process of discovering the relationships between outer and inner worlds in a personal way is what makes The More Experiential intensive afterall, we are working with real people dealing with real issues done in real time. As a guide and facilitator on this journey of discovery, my intention is to listen deeply so that we have as deep understanding of what makes someone who they are. However, as many previous clients will attest, the process frequently delivers transformation and the potency of discoveries and insights along the way endure over time.

The programme is currently delivered either wholly in-person or in a hybrid format with some elements delivered virtually and some elements delivered in-person. Which option is used is dependent on a range of factors and will be decided jointly with a given client. 

The total experience is usually a 6-stage process designed around a tried and tested Five Questions framework:




The five questions are:

Q1 What confronts me? What are my challenges or persistent challenges or stuck?

Q2 What am I bringing? What stories do I have about my current challenge? What is my 'story of me'? 

Q3 What runs me? What is my default or automatic ways of being? What are my mindsets? What is in my internal 'operating system'?

Q4 What calls me? What is in the core of my being, the seed from which worlds come into being?

Q5 What will unleash me? What steps will I take to be more of who I am?

"Unleashing your innerself!".  "Having had the privilege to undergo the leadership intensive, I found it an extremly humbling, refreshing and enlightening experience as part of my personal and professional journey. The course is intense whilst relaxing, it takes you to the boundaries of your thought process and challenges you to stretch your mind to reliase your strengths and imropvement areas. What hit me most was the way in which this program helps your zone in on your natural strengths and value set to convert these into compelling business drivers that give you edge and advantage. If you are on a journey to grow and be at total ease with your strengths and weaknesses, this is the one.  Having done this just before i moved from London to Singapore for a major new challenge, the timing was ideal and set me up perfectly for my next step.  A super coach that brings delivers this brilliant program in an authentic way, 5 stars! "

Senior Executive, Top 100 Forbes Top Regarded List.

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