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Leadership 3D

Exceptional Outcomes

The term '3D' stands for 'development deep dive' as well as a holistic way of engaging with ourselves and the world.

Using frameworks such as John Scherer's 'Five Questions that Change Everything' and Theory U, we embark on a development deep dive. Often, your current challenges are useful gateways to discover and connect with growth opportunities. These in turn invite us to seek out ways in which you might use these challenges to open yourself up to more. 

This type of intensive deliver outstanding results requiring a committment of 2  to 3 consecutive days to build depth of inquiry, focus and momentum.

'"Unleashing your innerself!".  "Having had the privilege to undergo the Leadership 3D intensive, I found it an extremly humbling, refreshing and enlightening experience as part of my personal and professional journey. The course is intense whilst relaxing, it takes you to the boundaries of your thought process and challenges you to stretch your mind to reliase your strengths and imropvement areas. What hit me most was the way in which this program helps your zone in on your natural strengths and value set to convert these into compelling business drivers that give you edge and advantage. If you are on a journey to grow and be at total ease with your strengths and weaknesses, this is the one.  Having done this just before i moved from London to Singapore for a major new challenge, the timing was ideal and set me up perfectly for my next step.  A super coach that brings delivers this brilliant program in an authentic way, 5 stars! "

Senior Executive, Top 100 Forbes Top Regarded List.

Leadership 3D: Skills
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