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Change, transformation and group facilitation- Organisation Development (OD)

Case Examples

Example 1

Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

A year-long post-merger integration (PMI) cultural change and integration project that support a multi-entity acquisition. Together with our own team of consultants and our client's OD/ OE 'team-in-development' we delivered multi-streamed and multi-leveled interventions. They included: workshops; interactive sessions to prepare people for change; leadership development sessions and a year-long developmental sessions for an internal team of change consultants who developed internal change capabilities through supporting the PMI. 

A critical piece of work in this PMI was our facilitation of the Management Board and Directors in identifying, co-creating and modelling a way of leading the PMI that aligned with their vision and values.

This PMI was widely regarded as one of the most successful mergers in that country and as an example of good practice.

Example 2

Organisation transformation through leadership transformation

Facilitated the development of new company-wide values, and working with the internal HR team, designed and delivered a highly engaging strategy workshop in testing the new values with customers. The process and methodology used was considered a breakthrough and resulted in energising and galvanising all leaders and managers in the active communication of their new strategy, values and key initiatives to all levels within the organisation. The workshop also resulted in a radical simplification of their leadership model and HR processes.

With the same client in 2016, facilitated an away-day with the Board which resulted in an IPO 12 months later in June 2017.

OD: Skills
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