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Happy to let you know that my book chapter 'Ready for U', a contribution to the field of facilitating transformative events, Theory U and Presencing was published in April 2021 and now available 

Advances in Presencing Volume III: Collective Approaches in Theory U: Gunnlaugson, Olen, Gunnlaugson, Olen, Brendel, William: 9781999123260: Books

Senior Executive, Top 100 in Forbes Top Regarded Companies

'Having had the privilege to undergo the Leadership  3D intensive, I found it an extremly humbling, refreshing and enlightening experience as part of my personal and professional journey.'

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What I Offer

Areas of Work

Reliable Results

Change, transformation and group facilitation- Organisation Development (OD)

  • Design and facilitation of capability building for people by utilising the opportunity of change and transformation moments in organisations.

  • Facilitation of group events and workshops for communities to make meaning together.

  • Equipping people with skills to implement desired change.

Crucial for Success

Skills Coaching Intensives

In-person or On-line

Coaching and facilitating you to accelerate your learning in areas such as:​

  • Coaching

  • Delivering tough message

  • Tough Conversation(s)

  • Making your ideas compelling

  • Presenting confidently

Exceptional Outcomes

Leadership 3D

An intensive personal development deep dive using your current challenges as a gateway to explore your growing edges.

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Key Influences

Experiences that shaped the way I work


Independent Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

Since 2003

I have had the pleasure of working with people from directors and heads of functions to team leaders and specialists from a broad range of sectors: Telecom, Technology, Leisure, HE, FE, Central Goverment, Local Government.

What drives me is I am only as good as what I am currently doing. Every interaction matters and every assignment matters.

Urban Skyline

Co-founder and Principal Consultant

2009 - 2017

Co-founding and co-directing an Organisation Development consulting practice in Poland. Invaluable experience in start-up, working with associates, business and brand development.

Delivered great work for great clients in local and multinationals in Telco, Banking, Technology, Business Services and Global Consulting sectors. 

Intense period of managing and delivering multi-faceted programmes and projects to connect personal development, leadership development, team development and organisation development to deliver desired change.


Training in Gestalt

2009 - 2012

Enduring skills development in listening and responding to individual and groups. This training fundamentally and profoundly shaped me in a way I am not 'doing' Gestalt but the Gestalt way of seeing the world is an intrinsic part of me.

IMG_3054 (1).JPG

Creative processes- art making, dance, movement, music, writing, cooking

For as long as I can remember

Creativity permeates everything I do. Some of the insights from these processes have helped inform facilitation practices which I have shared in published articles and papers. 

The actuality of facing blank canvases is not only an important way to keep creativity alive but it also builds capacity for working with unknown. 


Clinical Work

Since 2008

From 2008 - 2010 as volunteer counsellor at MIND working with people in areas of mental health and 2009 - 2010 in the role of staff support for Brent MIND.

From 2016 to now, complementary therapist supporting and empowering people with ill-health, psycho-somatic conditions and in 'body coaching' for personal development.

Clinical work continues to develop my understanding of 'the human condition' and to expand my capabilities and capacity to work with people from a different perspective.

Clinical supervision enabled me to reflect on and learn from practice as a matter of course.

Black Marble

In-company management and leadership roles

1989 - 2003

An important grounding in the daily realities of managing and leading within a business unit, within a geographical area, in initiating change and in leading and facilitating whole system transformation.

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