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The heart of leadership

I have been working in collaboration with Gilly Shapiro at Shapiro Consulting to relaunch Leadership 3D. As part of the relaunch, I was searching for a new name that best encapsulates what we are offering. One that stood out for me was 'The Heart of Leadership'. It seems to me we are, in many ways, entering a new epoch. It is not any one thing, but the combination of lots of things, not least, our climate crisis. And it seems to me that the 'climate crisis' is expressed in multi-faceted ways- the climate system, societal, cultural, interpersonal, intrapersonal.

As we stretch further and further into the artificial/ synthetic/ simulated worlds, so we are also crying out for more human, more humane, more up-front, more fronting-up from each other and for us to bring greater awareness into conscious living. To me, the nature of these demands are relational. So what is the kind of relationship we want with our leaders and what kind of leaders do we want? What kind of leaders do we need? My current sense is, we are looking for leaders we can relate to and who can honestly relate to us. And that ability to relate and connect is dependent on the amount of inner work the person is doing. We are also needing people who are not in leadership roles only for themselves but who are clear that it is not the role that matters but when it matters most, it is how the person chooses to act and how they negotiate who they are within the demands of the role that is what matters to us now. Beyond who we say we are, what we say our achievements are, it is our very honest unvarnished why, why are we doing what we are doing- that is the seed from which everything germinates. Personally, it has taken me a long time to know my why. Do you know your why? Finally, we need leaders who acts from a place of co-operation. someone who really grocks the ecology of entities. The whole eco-system that makes and sustains an entity.


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